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Guidelines and Policies

Giving Guidelines

Hasbro has always been committed to supporting children around the world. Each year, we are approached by thousands of organizations seeking our assistance. Unfortunately, no matter how honorable the cause – we must stay within our funding guidelines of supporting children. Please know this is not a reflection on the important work that you are doing. 


Hasbro’s Corporate Giving Guidelines require all charitable support to benefit children directly through a 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. 


We do not support events such as 5ks, walks, golf tournaments, etc., unless it’s for a companywide initiative to support one of our Philanthropic Partners. Our sponsorship support funds organizations in our operating areas who deliver primary stability for children in crisis; pediatric physical and mental health services; hunger security; educational programs; quality out-of-school programming, and programs that empower youth through service.

Product Donations

In terms of product donations, Hasbro’s Corporate Giving Guidelines require the toys and games to go directly into the hands of sick and needy children through a 501c3 non-profit child-focused organization.

Specifically, our Corporate Giving Guidelines do not permit us to donate product to the following: fundraisers (i.e. raffles, auctions or carnivals), annual conferences/conventions, gift bags/door prizes, individuals, intermediary donations, school incentive/reward programs.

Holiday Giving: Hasbro’s holiday giving program is designed to empower parents with the ability to give their children, who may otherwise go without, a gift during the holidays. We do not make donations to organizations hosting parties during the holidays who wish to provide a giveaway for the children attending. Hasbro currently partners with Toys for Tots and provides toys and games to them directly. Please have your organization and/or families in need contact Toys for Tots. There is a sign-up period for donations on

Nondiscrimination Policy

Hasbro’s charitable giving, including but not limited to, the Hasbro Children’s Fund (HCF), product donations, sponsorships, and employee volunteering, has a Non-Discrimination Policy that is in alignment with the policy of Hasbro, Inc. Projects or programs funded by the corporation or the Fund, or where employees volunteer using company time, must comply with this policy.

POLICY: The charitable organization (donee) does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, veteran status, and marital status and will use the Fund or Corporation’s grant/product/volunteer time, to support projects and programs consistent with the foregoing.